Sunday, November 26, 2006

Knit unto others

After reading about Knit Unto Others, I decided that since I was already doing what they suggested, I'd sign up! Dulaan got me going last year, and I had done Red Scarf, too (and plan to do so again), and KnitYoga got a couple of hats for her very good cause. The items that fall into the time category (Nov 18-Dec2)that I have completed are here below:

Hats for Vancouver via Rabbitch!

Cap for the Capital

Planning at least another baby cap or two and hoping to start my Red Scarf Project this week.

Any spare yarn? Got a few minutes? Cast on for someone who could use a warm, wooly hug! C'mon, all knitters are know you want to join in!


KnitYoga said...

What a fantastic idea Knit Unto Others is. You are wonderful to be knitting all those hats and the two you sent for the Tithe Barn Craft Fayre were snapped up. I'm all knitted out at the mo as regards charity knitting as I've been doing it all year leading up to the Craft Fayre and am having a bit of a break from it. I've donated some of my handcrafted birch knitting needles with the novelty ends as a prize though to make up for it in zoms small way.

KnitYoga said...

LOL. I think my fingers strayed on the keyboard! Read 'zoms small way" as "some small way"!!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

these are brilliant hats! My spare wool all goes to the blanket knitters, I don't think we have the hat thing here. (too warm? not enough demand for beanies?)