Sunday, November 26, 2006

Belated Thanksgiving photos

Yam with lemon tree. Yam destined for greater things, namely to be boiled, then peeled, sliced, and fried with butter and brown sugar.

The star of the show. A Red Bourbon turkey, raised humanely and eaten happily. Note the huge cheese skulking behind the chair? My in-law's kitchen is papered with a London billboard extolling the virtues of Edam. I love these people.

Grandma's stuffing. Tradition calls for everyone to taste as it's mixed, and then complain that there isn't enough sherry in it yet, and then add a tot more. Who am I to question tradition?

The table, set and mostly ready for dinner. Note M and her fab Auntie K--they are inseperable when beneath the same roof. We actually had to leave Marion at my in-law's overnight as the two of them collapsed in the living room after dessert.

This was NOT done on Thanksgiving, but was in fact rigged this afternoon. For some perverse reason, I am ridiculously smug that ours is the first house on the block with lights up. I love coming home from work in the evening to Christmas lights.

Here's hoping that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving in whatever way it was spent.

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