Saturday, September 23, 2006

Information, please

Firstly, I misspelled. Appy-polly-logies.

Molson Golden was a WONDERFUL Canadian beer.
(Most Canadian beers are wonderful, as far as I'm concerned.
Oh, Canada!!! I LOVE YOU!)

My sweetie taught me to put a bottle in the freezer
for about 20 minutes before popping it open to get it
to near-slushy consistency. It's almost like a

This is a mandatory beverage for consumption in Arizona in

Sadly, we are having trouble finding "Golden", and the Molson Canadian
isn't quite as near perfection, but we have recently begun watching
the carbs here at the Why Not? household, and as such, have
begun a series of freezer-related experiments with Amstel Light.

(A peek at the website tells me why we can't get it here
any longer--either the exportation has stopped or they
have deleted it from the product line And as yet,
I have not seen Molson Ultra here in the sadly-Budweiser-oriented
U. S. of A.--I'm blaming President Skippy.)

Now you know. Go forth and uber-chill that brew!

And Happy Weekend, too!


KnitYoga said...

Shame about the Moison Golden. Hope they bring it back onto their range of products! Thanks for your comment on my blog and for the link to the sari silk scarf pattern. :-) And, yes, I never say no to any more hats or scarves or whatever for the November Cancer Charities Craft Fair. Hopefully the hats will be a good seller as the weather will be colder then. If you want to get in touch with me about it, you can email me at ableknitterATbtinternetDOTcom Thanks again and hope you're having a great weekend!

eva said...

President Skippy is bad for a lot of industries. Sorry to hear beer importation is suffering as a result.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Thanks for solving the beer mystery - always good to hear a recommendation for better drinking, even if in this case it is a purely theoretical option!!