Thursday, September 07, 2006

And we're off!!!

YAY! The frogging has commenced!

Eva jump-started us (hee-hee) by revving up and re-working some great orange yarn.

Noo has joined and promises some frogging from across the pond! Welcome, Noo! Spiffing to have you here! (I lurve me them Brits...*sigh*)

For those not presently blessed with items waiting for the eve of destruction (which is tonight, coincidentally), we still are more than happy to have you here, cheering us on. Ya'll can have a tremendously valuable and much-sought-after Why Not? Rain Check, redeemable at some undisclosed future time when a hideous eyesore of a project is causing much furrowing of brows and growly "hmmmms..." and fretting and biting of lower lips as you ponder whether or not to rid yourself of said offensive item. When that fateful day dawns (and dawn it will, sister, as you know only too well,) draw upon that hidden reserve of strength, peer upon that horrendous creation, and RIP, BABY, RIP!!!

I'll even send you a real Why Not? Rain Check, iffen you want one....just let me know and email me your snail-mail address!

Heck, I might even do up some Certificates of Verified Frog-ation if you participants would like...the weekend is upon us, and I could likely whip some out...let me know!

Now go take evidentiary photos, pre- and post-, and show 'em off!

P.S. Go visit Siri for her wonderful blog--today, she's featuring two of the cutest tadpoles ever---and they're holding---wait for it--- a FROG!!


Mindy said...

I have got to get my frogging material out and photographed.

Is that a photo of a poison dart frog? My son loves those.

Susan said...

kt - oy vey! I hit 'reply' to your anon comment, so [duh!!!] it was bounced back & I'm only now wading through my 308 messages in my inbox (hate hate hate the beginning of the semester!!!) and so only now realized it... so here was what i wrote to you waaayyy back when:

Mas oui, I will be frogging!

I will *so* be frogging that it's even noted on my work calendar! I have a Very Sad blanket to frog - it goes back at LEAST 8 years, if I can even find it! [editor's note - can't find it! missing! how can i have lost roughly 10 knitted skeins of lion brand homespun?????] I also have a pair of Interweave knit 'sweatpants' to frog as well. Oy, those were just a very sad knitting day indeed!

I'm looking forward to getting the yarn back, though! HEE!

Mandella said...

OK, so I frogged. The sock is toast.

Becky said...

Alas, I have nothing to frog. I make it a practice to frog anything that's not going to be knit within a few months. I will certainly cheer you all on, though. I love me some frogs -- in any format!

Carrie K said...

Frog on! I think I'm going to take a rain check since the only thing I've frogged lately is this darn sleeve. Oh maaaan! I should have taken pictures of the befores and afters.