Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A brief update

Ok, I have FINISHED Marion's backpack! I like the way the Cascade 220 felts, but I still prefer the feel of Brown Sheep whilst knitting. I used Janet Scanlon's "Pack Sack" pattern and made the medium bag. It's designed for her to stow her ballet gear when not in use, and I think it's just the right size. I'm going to wait an take pictures of her in her leotard (if she'll let me) wearing said pack on Saturday. Now I think I should felt up a little bag with lavender impregnated to hold the slippers!

Have not yet gotten around to re-upping my photo program. I used Picasa's "Hello" just because Blogger said I could, but I've signed up with Flickr. Any opinions on this? I like them Flickr badges that act like a gallery of photos.

Barked at my boss today. Man, it felt good.

Have neglected my local knitting groups and hope to rejoin the fold soon, as well as to join the ever-generous Kiki et famile for knitting in whichever tres chic bwat (sp?) they happen to be knitting in. My girlie has given it up in despair as she cannot master the knit stitch in three seconds. Sounds just like me.....poor kid.

Off to read a blog or two and vacuum. Tomorrow....installing a new dishwasher! Rapture! Joy! An end to moldy insulation spewing forth from the inner door area of my old dishwasher! Yippee!

Have a fun Wednesday.


Eva said...

I hope you come back soon! We miss your smiling face. :)

Luscious Gracious said...

City Bakery, every Saturday, downtown PHX, 215 E. Grant (Grant and 3rd St.) in the Bentley Projects. In case you need extra impetus to join us, there is a bookstore and several galleries IN THE SAME BUILDING as all of that good food and knitting. It satisfies all of my artistic and nutritional needs for the week. They open at 7 am and close at 3 pm. We TRY to be there before 8, but make it before 10 no matter what. And we stay until they kick us out. PLEASE< PLEASE come along....we really do miss you, and we want to see that backpack!

Mandella said...

I think it's the mohair in Brown Sheep that makes it so good to the touch. Looking forward to seeing the backpack though!

Luscious Gracious said...

hey, KT, we are getting together Wed, Fri, and Sat this week. E-mail me at kiki@lusciousgracious.com and I'll send you details.
I misplaced your email, so am leaving comment instead, forgive me!

Jane said...

Thanks for your comment about the quince post. The divine Nigella Lawson has several recipes for using quince (which are rock hard and very astringent when raw but soften with cooking and have a lovely aroma) and one is called quincemeat - I'm going to try that and quince brandy.

So pleased you enjoy reading the blog.