Sunday, October 16, 2005

And now for something NOT completely different...

Got some photos!! Yay for Flickr.

Had a very nice time knitting with Kiki and family and friends at the well-kept secret hideout of City Bakery yesterday. It took all my willpower to sit and knit and not eat everything in the place. Thanks for the invite; I'll be back!

Marion's returned from a trip with my folks to San Diego. Everyone seems to have had fun, and all are exhausted. Back to the regular grind of school tomorrow, but the Arizona Fair looms large for next weekend.....

I'm still in a felting frenzy. My "Felted Knits" book has a great "dresser tray" pattern in it, and I've halved and quartered it and am thinking they'll make great Christmas gifties. So quick to knit!

Looks like my Katia ebay yarn will be in my hands tomorrow, and I'm taking my proper size needles to work so as to start on the mystery Christmas gift at lunch. Hoorah!

My formerly-secret-now-upgraded-to-well-known-British chum, Mandella, writes that I get to assist with her de-stashing program. She's such a sweetie. Sounds like she and many other ladies from across the pond had a blast at the big "Ally Pally" event. Yes, I'm jealous.

It's getting late and I do have work tomorrow, boo-hoo. More later.

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