Friday, September 16, 2005

Big Jumbo McHuge!!!

First and most importantly, thank you to Nichola and Kiki for your concern. All here are well, but stressed, and posting has been shunted aside for far too long. (Nice to know someone besides me reads my blog, though!)

Here's what's shaking:

I am now working in a new office! Same crazy job, but in a new, larger location! I'll try to get some photos posted next week. Suffice to say, moving a medical office that's been in the same place for 20 years took some doing, and I was one of the main "do-ers" over the last week. All praise, however, to Lynn, my fabulous office manager. I would eat broken glass if she asked me to, but I hope it won't come to that.

I have finished Marion's tank top. It's light blue on the front and darker (but not navy) blue on the back, and it has an unintentional yet fashionable stripe across the front. The straps were bald-facedly stolen from a purse strap featured in Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living, and the pattern itself was adapted from Kerri's beautiful tank top for her small childie, the Mission Tank. Links will follow in the next post, I promise. (You can Google it for now if you really need it)Thanks, Kerri!

Our computer went walkabout for a while and I don't have my photo-posting capabilities going (AGAIN), but I will get that up soon and put the photos on. I really have them, just can't show you right now.

My darling redhead is plotting the overthrow of his idiotic bosses and planning to start his own business. I must finish stressing about my job so that I can stress about his.

Girlie is off at a sleepover with her best friend. She is loving third grade, although we are way more than fed up with the AIMS crapo and Pres. Skippy's "No child left behind" propaganda which is forcing her teachers to be automatons. We are thinking about private schools, yet that combined with starting a business is a somewhat tricky equation....

In short, life continues it's mad, merry pace here in Arizona. It is cooling off, and we have been enjoying the patio and the birds and the 70-degree mornings. We're moving into the season which reminds us of WHY we live here. Yay!

Summer's almost done! Wool coming up! BAAAAAAA!


Nichola said...

Nice to see you're still alive even if you're stressed and busy!

Eva said...

"President Skippy" I LOVE it! Henceforth, he will only be known in my house as President Skippy. :D