Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What's up?

I attended my first Stitch-n-Bitch meeting last night, and I want to become a regular. Nice knitters, lovely projects, delightful chat. I finished the baby blanket (fanfare of trumpets, please!) and it found it's way to the handsome recipient today.

Started on the French Market Bag for ME (see it in the archives at I'm doing it in charcoal and a mulberry red. Yum.

Hugs to my wonderful not-a-secret-anymore pal, Kim. You've made the SP4 a blast, and I think I'm going to go for #5 if humanly possible.

Our new office is chugging right along. I still don't think it'll be ready by August, but I DID buy a tank-top style two-piece swimsuit just in case......

Au revoirs for now.

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Anonymous said...

Are you knitting your brow in the event the office isn't finished in time to save you from a fate worse than (insert dreaded scenario here)?
Sounds like you've found a hobby/activity to while away those long Canadian nights should you make that move. My opinion of that hasn't been solicitated so I won't offer it, but ...
Work-type question: I broke my glasses one morning (shoddy workmanship, they only lasted 14+ years). I've been using the pair they replaced as the prescription hadn't changed. Based on my last checkup, should I see you guys again or just use the prescription from last January? At current a dental situation is forefront on my to-dos.
I overnapped today (if that is possible) which will explain the time of this post but the sandman is closing in if I'm to be on the road in 2-3 hours.
LYMY and hugs all around