Thursday, May 12, 2005

What a Day!


Reasonable day at work, no doctors. Lots of tidying and relaxing. Chocolate B-day cake for a co-worker. Yum.

Some knitting accomplished on the French Market bag. I am happier and happier with my colour choices. (photo to follow soon). Am on the bag body in the main colour now. Russet. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Seth called and asked me to fetch crabby childie from him at work. Off to Scottsdale with new truck stereo blaring the Kinks (Yay again). Childie is in better mood. (Double YAY.) Kisses to spousal unit and off to see if AZ Knitting and Needlepoint is open at 6-ish PM on a Thursday. Thinking that daughter would do better with chunky yarn for first project ala Lily and Lucy (Kiki and Steve's knitting offspring). Alas, shop is closed. Curses, foiled again.

Heading towards home on the reservation roads to avoid freeway hassles. Pulled over to watch a lovely egret hunting in a small body of water. (Boy, do they ever move slooooowly). As we near the previously washed-out bridge just south of McDowell, we are witness to a nasty car crash.

Small SUV in front of us containing 3 teenage girls (one pregnant, I later find out) is slammed by a woman who seemed to run a red light. Marion is wonderful, sitting calmly in the truck as I hop out to try to lend a hand. One girl has a couple of cuts on her head which are bleeding, but everyone seems ok. I grab some cloths out of the truck and try to help out as we await the paramedics. (This is indeed the one time that I regret being the only human without a cel phone.)

The police come and the medical personnel soon follow, and as everyone seems fine, we head home. I commend my girlie on her bravery and patience and she, in turn, urges me to sit down and take it easy. What a peach.

Another day, albeit a bit more exciting than I'd planned, comes to an end. Night all.

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wittyknits said...

Yikes. Sounds like an adventure at the least!

I can't recall if I emailed you or not after you commented in my blog, but I'm finally getting around to posting my SP4 wrap up stuff, and wanted to say "thanks" one more time. pixiegrrl24 at yahoo dot com to reach me

Hope tomorrow is less adventurous, or at least is in a good way. :-)