Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wow! It's Wednesday!

I'm in a total knitting slump. I can't seem to get myself motivated to finish the baby blanket I want to give to a friend's daughter. I can't even get myself to go to the LYS for supplies for the bag I want to make for ME. AARGH!.

Tim's memorial service on Sunday was well-attended (60-70 people) and well-enjoyed. My in-laws are catching up on their rest and planning a cruise soon. (overdue and sure to be enjoyed) I miss Tim and think of him every day.

We are seriously into the planning stages of getting out of the US and heading up to Canada. My in-laws would certainly join us, and we'd be happy for their company. I have to do some more serious work on contacting folks in the BC area to find a job offer, but I don't really doubt that it could happen.

On a pleasant note, my honeysuckle is in bloom! It's the white variety, and I guess all the babying and pampering has paid off. There are a few white blooms and tons of buds ready to spring forth. YAY! I am planning on starting work on my gazebo this weekend. (We won't be heading up north for a while yet, and I want to make this summer bearable.)

That's about it for now. Working on finding a nice final giftie for my secret pal.

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