Monday, April 11, 2005

Yes, it's Monday (is there a pattern developing here?)

It's taken me a couple of weeks to get back in the knitting frame of mind, but I'm there. Reading "The Knitting Goddess" and reveling in the brioche stitch. I'm about halfway in the pieces for the baby blanket. It may not be perfect squares, but it's soft and purple and machine-washable, which I figure to be a distinct plus for a new mommy.

I also went and purchsed all the needed ingredients for the French Market bag from YAY! Something for me! Decided on a sumptuous red and charcoal combo using brownsheep wool. /And my 7.5 year-old daughter who accompanied me on the shopping venture insisted on buying yarn and needles to make her teddy bear a scarf. YAY! Passing it along! She's much like me in that she frustrates easily if things don't go perfectly at first, but I think she'll do pretty well.

Am trying to come up with a nice parting giftie for my secret pal. Any suggestions? So far, I've sent a little knitted pouch with chocolate, a funnel scarf/cowl made of mohair, and a very enjoyable book.

We may be adding to the family with a small four-legged creature tomorrow, but then again, we may not....more on that story as it develops.

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