Saturday, February 01, 2014

January, get thee gone

O my people, what a week, what a week.

  • Mr. Spot had a horrible sudden onset of  (and I kid you not with this name), "Old dog vestibular disease". Essentially, it's vertigo. He'd had a small attack a few weeks ago and I thought it was a seizure, but he bounced back in about 15 minutes. Then a week ago, he couldn't stand. Big shout out to Seattle Veterinary Specialists and their fantastic 24/7 crew. He's on motion sickness meds, steroids and antibiotics, and is rapidly improving. Still has a bit of the drunken sailor in his walk, but the tail is wagging again. This dog is amazing.
  • Work has become quite schizophrenic. New boss is a winner, hands down, but has a big learning curve. Upper-upper management is leaning on us to get 6000 things done per day, all the while seeming to brush aside the fact that we have patients to care for while still short-staffed. I think Mark Knopfler sings it best. (Wait for the chorus)
  • Miss M has her hands full with school (finals) and shows (Singin' in the Rain and 12th Night coming up) and teens behaving teen-ishly. She's fighting a cold and being a trouper.
  • Mr. Smartypants has been trying to help me keep it together, working his two jobs and building a ramp for the dog (who won't use it) and postponing and postponing a lovely dinner out with his folks. That, fortunately, will be remedied this evening. He's also a trouper.
  • I have fallen far behind in a knitalong that I'm still very excited about, despite the fact that my stitch count veered off-course just at the end of the first clue. Will begin to remedy that today and try to catch up with my dear Princess Caspian across the sea!
We made it through, and here's what M and I did this morning for therapy:
These are destined for our lovely neighbors. We have a back and forth baking exchange with them. A sweet young couple and their two adorable wee girlies (one is so wee that Miss M suggested a naked doughnut to be safe--clever, ain't she?). This Winnie-the-Pooh plate is ALWAYS used as the designated serving vessel--it was Miss M's when she was wee, and the lasses next door are muchly in lurve with it.

Thanks, Saturday, I really was counting the days till you got here.

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