Friday, February 28, 2014

February, adieu.

Mr. Spot continues to improve. *huge sigh of relief*  Miss M even convinced a school chum who has an old, ailing pup to get a vet's help--turns out he had the same thing! Ye gods!

For Valentine's Day, my wonderful mister gave me a lovely little orange vase and some really beige carpet for the kitchen. The carpet prevents dogsliding on the faux-Pergo floor. I lurve my man.

The girlie and I had a splendid evening in town recently; shopping at thrift shops, dining, and seeing Spamalot!

I have finished her leg warmers (please, not more K1P1 for a while, thanks) and snapped photos, but the legs that should be in them are off at Twelfth Night rehearsal just now. Update soon on Ravelry page.

Himself and I enjoyed "The Monuments Men" very much last eve, and tonight have stuffed ourselves on dry-aged top sirloin and a tasty salad.

I spent the afternoon with my dear MIL, playing with my new Singer 6180 Brilliance sewing machine! She is a sewing goddess, and I got the machine in Canada at Christmas and just haven't had time to play with it until now! I forsee several pairs of neatly hemmed work slacks appearing this week, and a recurrence in my stuffed animal (softies) creation soon.....

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MandellaUK said...

Glad to hear the venerable old gentleman is improving. We went to see the Monuments Men too a week or so ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So will the next pair be K2, P2?!