Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yippee, it's Post number 329!!!

Yes, Beth was correct, it's an Ugli fruit! And although the nice produce guy in the store entertained us and juggled apples while we debated the purchase, he was WRONG!!! It was not a tasty treat, it was a bland citrus fruit. Though I don't regret buying it for the disgusting-appeal.
Beth will have some "interesting" red mohair yarn sent her way in the very near future. I really am working on my PIF gifties, gals, I promise.....
Not much else to report. Had my 90-day review at work; the boss and I spent a good 3/4 of the time larfing our arses off at some of the paperwork required for this review. I'm starting to see some of the goofy bureaucracy at this place, and I thank all the powers that be in our universe that the woman who hired me is as sarcastic and cynical as I am. We just have the best time together. And so I didn't get fired! Hooray!
Still no crafting to show you. Sorry! Been busy. Maybe this weekend. It snowed three times last weekend...wonder what's next? Locusts? Frogs?
I love it here.


Mandella said...

Of course you didn't get fired!

valerina said...

Ugli fruit, never heard of it, lol!