Sunday, February 10, 2008


I'm finally back on my own computer!


First things first:

In the "You Make My Day" groupings, the coveted and much-anticipated tenth spot goes to the lovely Kate at tinywarbler. I am so inspired by her sweet little creations--it's no surprise that she has a wonderful etsy shop. To top it off, her blogging-style makes me think she's someone I'd like to know. Perhaps now that I'm in the NW and nearer Canada, we could rendezvous at a Tim Horton's for coffee and sweets. (But I bet she knows of a cool local bakery with good coffee!!) Sorry to keep everyone waiting for the tenth, but good things come to those who wait!

Trivia question from my redhead, "Did anybody NOT named Billy Wilder make a good movie in the 1950's?" He doesn't think so.

Clarification from my other-other-half, KT. I said we were like corn and peas. She has amended and corrected that definition. I am carrots, she is peas. Thus I present to you.....

KT & kt

Sorry about the wonky spacing. I'm out of practice. There is carrot-related knitting happening; FO soon to make it's debut. Come back this weekend and see, ok?

In sports, three cheers for my old softball team, the Tempe Black Sox--they won their first game of the year, 24-0, even without my stellar catching skills. Go Black Sox!

Time to go for now. Back soon, and I promise photos of Washington State. (We really DID move, I swear!)


kate said...

thank you so much for the nomination kt! i have such a huge smile on my face-you have no idea. i didn't even realize that i had a blogging style, but i'm glad to hear that it makes you feel that way!
i do know some great coffee shops in the city, but i'm canadian so i'm always down with a double double (as long as it's decaf) do you say double double in the US?
thanks again!!

Emily said...

Carrot related knitting? Intriguing...