Sunday, November 04, 2007

Day o' rest

Not much going on here, and that's what I like about Sundays. I have officially given S the day off--he gets to do or NOT do whatever he wants today. He's got football on and is working a crossword puzzle as we speak.

The girlie is discovering the joy of e-mail with a friend; I've pried her off the box so that she can practice before a guitar lesson with her cool 19-year old cousin.

Me? I'm debating scarf patterns for a friend and planning a couple of quick errands to use up the kiddo's lesson time. Then home to make some Thanks Boxes (info on those later), start a roast for dinner, and off to softball! Finals tonight.

The camera has scampered off to Sanyo in California for some spa and repair time. Meanwhile, in lieu of photos, this I love:

News for cats and dogs - Lobsters Escape From German Supermarket

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Emily said...

The cats were very excited to hear about the lobsters. They want to know if the lobsters were still wearing the rubber bands (apparently they are easier to eat that way).