Saturday, August 04, 2007

a couple of quick snaps

I've always called Marion my sweet potato. Now I've made one for her.
(You can see it in the sketches, too, if you look for it.)

Molly Chicken blogged her sketchbooks a while ago--here are a couple of my pages. (You can see them better if you look at them on my Flickr page.)

If you see this anywhere, buy it and savor it. Delightful!

Please to be having a loverly weekend.Cheers!


KT said...

Love the sweet potato! You are inspiring me to make softies for the boys. Those book snaps are awesome- I have too many- must consolidate. Mi Casa es Su casa- not too pour it on too thick or anything.

xoxoxo- me

Carrie K said...

Hope the weekend was fun!

I just stopped by to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Eva said...

I tried to send you a birthday email, but I keep getting "delay" messages from my server. I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

Rabbitch said...

Can't find your email address m'dear. I know a ton of ophthalmologists. Why do you ask?

Drop me a line at teh.bunnei (note misspeelings) at gmail dot com and we can chat, mmkay?