Saturday, July 21, 2007

Did 'ja miss me?


What a long, strange month it's been.

My softball team went from worst to first. (Yay Black Sox! I may have a photo to put here soon.)

Work sucks so badly (in some ways) that it's leaving marks on my ankles.

Miss M has left for a 2-week trip to the East Coast with her doting grandparents. (Boston, Cape Cod, Connecticut and The City) (Yes, I'm jealous.)

It's monsoon season. We've had much dust and a bit of rain.

Our new-to-us car has returned from it's trip to the shop adorned with a bright, sunflower yellow pinstripe and no one has hit it yet. (Yay! Photo to follow soon)

Bec is blogging again (Huzzah!) (It's a slow link, but give it a minute, she's worth it)

Here are photos.

Hey! There are Cheerios under here! Score!

Oh, I hate the camera.

Stuff on nose again.

This is what happens when your DH asks if any more crap can fit on the coffee table and there are two (smart-ass) females in the house....

A pincushion for a nice person. (forgot to take a photo of the Chakalaka basket it went into...

This is the quilt that sat on the piano at my Nana's house for many years. I don't remember if she made it or not. Mom, you'll know--leave a comment for me, OK?

I love this mattress-ticking fabric. It might have been from my Uncle Brud's shirt ("Brud" short for brother), but I'm not certain. I love it nonetheless.

What's up?

Post-ice-cream sandwich fingers.....

Do not waste good stuff....

loses in battle with Gecko:

I had a lovely phone interview with an eyeball office in Canada, but the weather precluded the plan to head north. Now begins the siege on Vancouver. Shh, don't tell anyone.

I'll try to be back soon.


KT said...

Shh! But get your behind up this way. Shh! (fingers crossed)

Liz y Brian said...

I did miss you! You left a delightfully horrible spitting "Pah!" on my blog comments at the mention of the 'Kerr' word. Here are three things:

1. Gee. Danalu Kerr, eh? Lu? Hmmm....I'm guessing not the Chinese 'lu' meaning 湖, or 'lake'.... What became of them? Maybe they're all human rights activists working with Doctors Without Borders coming out of packed field hospitals wiping their hands with the last scrap of UN-issue flour sacking after saving a child's leg to negotiate with the furious rebels? Could it be? Their red hair swinging in the sun making the soldiers gasp, stop shooting the goats, and clutch their Kalashnikovs. I'd like that.

2. And you chica. Como estas? It's nice to see your smilin' face.
3. Vancoooover?!

Oh and also:
"work sucks so bad it's leaving marks on my ankles" Hahahaha!