Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you.

(Today is my mom's birthday, in case you hadn't guessed. Just wanted to shout it from the rooftop a bit.)

Ok, today was THE day! I found out that Stitch-N-Pitch was indeed coming to Arizona, and Marion asked to come along! Here we are in the stadium--please don't ask me why the dome was closed when it was in the 80's and breezy outside--I was ANNOYED. Anyhow, M brought some embroidery and I was cranking a Dulaan hat, and the charming redheaded lady next to us agreed to shoot us for the blog. I do so LOVE me them redheads.

There's that short summer haircut I warned you about. I'm still LOVING it. (Personal self-centered note: if you click on the photo, my crooked teeth look a trifle less Austin-Powers-ish and my daughter's bad case of pixil-itis clears right up! Magic on the internets!)

Below is the uber-cool (pardon the lack of umlaut-I'm still a newbie for international puctuation on my very US keyboard) Perpetual Motion Baseball Device. I've no idea what it really is called, but it's my favorite thing at the park. The red thing on top is a base, and there's a bat and ball as well; they're all swinging around and around.

Inside, there are tracks and pulleys and lifts and gongs and all manner of things babseball, and the balls roll around non-stop and things flip and twirl and clang and drop and it's just outrageously great. The area that Marion's looking at has a set of xylophone bars, and when the ball rolls down a certain tube, it hits the end of the blue mallets, which strike the bars and play the well-known notes from, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"!!!

People were knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, embroidering and needlepointing all around us. Oh, and there was a ballgame going on, too. (Diamondbacks won 3-1)

Scoreboard highlighting two really sweet new LYSs near me. Yay!

These guys weren't at the game, but I haven't told you about them, and I should. We bought them as eggs several weeks ago, in a kit with food and rocks and a plasic dish. I thought they'd be Sea Monkeys, but I WAS WRONG. They started as little eggs the size of pinpoints and now are about 3" long each! They're "Triops", and supposedly date from dinosaur times. They'd flourish in a short stretch of time (a month, give or take) in temporary ponds. They'd eat and lay eggs and die when the water evaporated, but the eggs would hatch in the next rainstorm. They're really quite cool. M gets grossed out when they shed (exoskeletons, ya know), but I think they're pretty interesting. Must go change their water now.

Bye all! Have a great week. Will try hard to get some actual photos of knitting posted soon, but don't hold your breaths. Instead, go look at Kathy's most awsome sweater. Damn, that gal knows her way around them pointy sticks!


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Now that is an excellent ballpark outing ,except for the closed dome part, but still!

Mandella said...

Now, why can't we have anything like stitch and pitch over here. I shudder to think what would happen if I took my needles out at a football match, not that I've ever been to one.

Those triops are weird-looking. Don't they remind you of horseshoe crabs? How long will they last in captivity?

kt said...

Yup, they look very much like horseshoe crabs that've been magically shrunk.

I guess we've had them for almost two months now, and thought they occasionally swim upside down (showing their red, feathery undersides which constantly fan the water--think fringe on a scarf or tassels on a parade float or exotic dancer or a hula skirt!) they seem to be persevering!

Suse said...

How wonderful to be able to knit at a ball game. I knitted in the cinema the other day (during Mr Bean), and I've often been tempted to knit during symphony concerts.

Love those weirdo triops!