Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ten Things with "R"

The delightful Ms. Martina meme'd this one a while ago, and she was kind enough to send me a letter with which to play. I received "R". Here then, are ten things of significance to or about me brought to you by the letter "R".

1. R is the first letter of my former-married name, a name I loved having, but gave back when requested to do so. I am very happy with my maiden name; so much so, in fact, that I kept it, even when I re-married. My dear husband assured me he did not mind. His last name also begins with "R"!

2. Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus: I tried out for their Clown College three times after high school. The said no, no, and no--their loss.

3. Reading: might as well write breathing.

4. Recycle: I am ridiculously proud of the fact that we recycle easily twice what we throw away, but I wish we could do more. And of course, I love recycling for craft goodies, too. My little solenoid robot came out of our electric lawnmower, and his hat is a champagne cork wire. (Photo to be inserted later as Blogger is being snippy as I haven't leapt aboard the beta bandwagon. Harrumph.)

5. R is also the first letter of my sister's name. She decided quite some time ago (for reasons never well-explained) that she did not want to be part of our family any longer. I miss her terribly.

6. Redheads: I've always wanted to be one, but at least I'm lucky enough to have married one and have two-brothers-in-law and the planet's finest mother-in-law who are.

7. Ripple: No, not the wine, the Grateful Dead tune. I'm a Deadhead, something I shared with my brother-in-law Tim, and still find joy in to this day.

8. Roam: Dad was in the military, and we traveled extensively. I'm happy to have a home with roots, but still love to travel anywhere and everywhere. Just wish I had more time to do so.

9. Rain: Something we get too little of and really revel in when we get it here in the desert. The monsoons are truly wonderful when we get them.

10. Raptors: The first birds I really fell for. They led me to others, and now I'm hooked. I love birding, from peering up at the light poles on the freeway as I drive to work to poking around far away places like ancient cities outside of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Thanks, Martina! If anyone wants a letter, let me know!

I'm in-between knitting projects, and I'm trying really hard to get a project done for Larissa's Recycle-Along. It's a something made from a felted sweater (or three), and joining the "-Along" is just the impetus I was hoping for.

My softball team lost last night. Now we have a break for two weeks, but it gives me time to strengthen my arm and hit the batting cages a few times before the next match. I'm still really having a blast playing, and I hope to keep improving!

Enough for now. Hope everyone's well.


Mandella said...

You lost? Aaargh! You're not allowed to lose. I said so.

martina said...

Great list! Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Us redheads are fantastic people and are especially fun to work with. :-). Always fun to read this blog. Brings a smile to my face.


Pippi said...

Love your R list!