Sunday, February 04, 2007

Look Ma, I'm posting!

My mom gave me a great book for Christmas. It has a simple feather-and-fan pattern for a blanket for The Linus Project. I looked at that pattern and loved the fact that it only had 3 rows to repeat, and two of them were uber-simple(One was knit and the other purl).

"Aha!" thought I, "I bet I could pare that way down and make a nice scarf out of it!". My knitter's brain wrapped itself around the (fairly simple) concept of counting out the first row (which contained the knit-overs and knit-togethers)and thus determined the number of stitches to cast on. Knitting is improving my math (Hear that, Dad?).

That is how the scarf in the last post came to be. Prior to that, I was working on Branching Out with the same fabulous bamboo yarn, and I actually was warming to the pattern. So much so that I took a look at it and said, "Hmm. This is wonderful yarn and a gorgeous pattern, but it seems to me to be gilding the lily." Methinks that the yarn and pattern were striving against each other, elbowing each other, poking and screeching for attention like two 5-year-olds in the backseat on a long car trip ("Mom, she's on my side of the seat!" "Mom, he's TOUCHING me!", etc..), and so I frogged it. Here's where we were when the realization struck.

Here's another one for the Nose-gallery. (There really is one in my Flickr set, if you're interested.) (Crazy dawg.)

Not much else to report at this juncture. Have fun watching the big game, if you are so inclined. We'll be rooting for Da Bears, iffen you're interested.


Mandella said...

What a shame about the Branching Out. Try again in a plainer yarn?

I loved the poem in the last post. Thanks for being a joiner-in.

Desiree said...

Well written article.