Sunday, December 24, 2006

Just popped in for a minute...

Here's our tree, pre-decor, but with the added bonus of a little pixie peeking out from beneath...

Did your tree have one of these?

And here's my hat, taken from Lemony Lemonade (who is on blogging hiatus)(*sob*)
by way of a slight change from SouleMama's pattern. If you're interested, comment and
I'll link you up. I made one of these for a co-worker's wedding earlier this year and
fell hard for the pattern. Recognize the yarn, Della?

Happy Christmas again!


Mandella said...

The Christmas Tree decoration is unique! Your tree is really impressive, by the way. Ours is just large enough to hide a small rabbit.

Yes, I recognise more recycled Robert. I salute your efforts; that's a great hat.

Finally, I've tagged you ...... mwhahahaha!

Martina said...

Love your Xmas tree decoration! Hope you had a good one!