Sunday, December 31, 2006

Feliz Ano Nuevo (with bonus weirdness)!

On this New Year's Eve, I give you a post rife with variety. Photos which must hold you, dear readers, for the next few weeks as my camera is going on a cruise with some other Dear Readers (details to follow), holiday tales (grab an eggnog or something stronger), and a meme--I'VE BEEN TAGGED! I'VE BEEN TAGGED!

Here is the most beautiful tree we've ever had. (This phrase is repeated each year by the Murphy family regarding each tree, whether it looks like the darling little one in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" or not.) (But this one is really fabulous.)

And what to my wondering eyes should appear in the mailbox but a brown cardboard box (sans the tiny reindeer). It Came From Paris (but it's not a monster flick). It's the loveliest box of le swag from my Pincushion Swap-giver, Valerie! I have a tres charmant Tour Eiffel pincushion, some darling little frogs, and tasty biscuits and chocolate! (Both of which have undergone strenuous taste testing and received approval from the Homeland Snack Security Council--namely the hubbo and girl-chick). I'm actually working on learning French, and so visiting Valerie's blog is delightful and a bit brain-twisting--go take a peek, she makes really creative stuff.

Do you see what I see? YES, it IS Navajo Churro Wool! Last year, I heard that one of the local Farmer's Markets in Phoenix would be visited by ladies spinning and selling this gorgeous stuff. We didn't get to it then, but earlier this year, we went and found the market. The ladies weren't there then, but my dearies snuck off one Saturday morning this month and met up with those spinners spinning! The grey is goat, the black is lamb, and Seth tells me that the woman who spun them knows the names of the animals from which came the fleece. Sweet! The luxurious goldeny one was dyed with wild carrot and the color is out-of-this-world. I just sat with them cuddled in my lap for the remainder of Christmas morning after opening the package. Thank you, my sweethearts!

Here's an interesting gift from my dear Della: Six Weird Things

THE RULES:Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.”

I like weird.

1. I'm perfectly happy to tell anyone and everyone my age. 44! (And I'm stealing a bit of Della's list in that I, too, think my grey hair is cool. I've earned it!)

2. I unashamedly adore my in-laws. (They're getting temporary custody of my wee digital camera for their cruise thru the Panama Canal, and I'd gladly do anything for either of them.)(And the other-in-laws? The brothers- and sister-in-laws? Just as top-notch.) (I'm lucky.)

3. I love opera, but have never attended one. Perhaps in 2007...

4. At work, I can keep many balls aloft and wear five different hats and prioritize and keep calm in the midst of chaos. At home, I'm a slob and a sloth. Really.

5. Sandwiches must be made so that you can get a bit of each ingredient in every bite. If they aren't constructed properly, demolition and re-building will commence at once.

6. I drive with my toes instead of using my whole foot.

And with this tagging, I say ditto to Della's proviso that you should only play if you want to. (But come and play! It's fun!)

I tag:


Ok, so I chose 7. It's in honor of 2007, and I LIKE odd numbers! So sue me!

Happy New Year, everybody!


Martina said...

Happy New Year! I'll be playing in the morning....well that is later this morning!

--Deb said...

Thanks for the tag--I did this a couple weeks ago, though! Just before Christmas....

Happy new year!

kathy in juneau said...

Happy New Year! And thanks for the tag, I think ;-)

I'll see if I can clear my head and come up with 6 weirdnesses I want to go public with.

Happy Knitting in 2007!

Mandella said...

Thanks for playing and:

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

ooh, that churro looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Happy new year-

Emily said...

Just 6?

hahahaha *runs off to think about it*

Mindy said...

Happy New Year! This is my first time being tagged. I will be playing soon.

Bec said...

Oops - I'm late to the weird party!

Sorry I've been offline so long, I am almost back to blogginess and will do your meme once I'm posting again - thanks for tagging me!

Bec said...

Oops again: I've given you a link to a beta version blog that I was playing around with: I'm still stuck with my non-beta, non-labels www.ladieslounge.blogspot account until they work out how to transfer modified templates to the new version... Or until I give up my pretty template!