Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It was a hectic day at work today. We are really short-handed and having problems finding qualified people to work with us. There were people coming in with complicated problems. I was late leaving work (always a bad thing) and then the worst of all, there was a little bird on the ground just outside the front doors of the office.

It was a little verdin, one of my favorites. It was so tiny and perfect and still. I wasn't sure for a while if it was in shock or dead, but it was so limp and still that I guess if must've crashed hard into the glass doors. I just stood and held it in my hand for a while. It was so delicate, so small and light and beautiful; it's feathers and wings placed just so. It made me wish I had better drawing skills so that I could capture the elegance if it's lines, the absolute perfection of it's form.

There are so many beautiful things all around us and I hate that we (myself included) take them so for granted. I was going to post these last night, but I made one wrong keystroke and the whole thing vaporized. Now that I think about it, I think they were meant to wait until today.

Seth made this birdbath for me years ago, and I still love it. And so do my backyard friends. I present to you:


And here is the square for Grandma Purl. I really love the stitch.

And at the end of the day, I get to come home to a wonderful man and a splendiferous child and a wacky Welshie, and things get better. And I make omelets and we all chat, and I feel a bit better still. Then I spend time reading "Rascal" to my girlie (God Bless Sterling North) and tuck her into bed and check my e-mail and find three wonderful notes from three wonderful people and to top it all off (in fine run-on sentence style) find delightful comments and questions awaiting me on the blog and all's I can say is, "Thanks everyone."

It's with a big grin that I answer my friends:

soozs: The boxes are done in garter stitch, side-bottom-side and then stitches are picked up on both sides of the bottom to make the 3rd and 4th sides, then single-crocheted up to fuse the sides. The Mason-Dixon book is oh, so holy, and if you can't put your hands on it in the library, let me know. These boxes are addicting, and I may have to bid on them myself to be sure they go to good home.

Barb: Thanks, firstly, for all the nice words! We had a computer guy come in and look over my little laptop a while back, and he recommended Opera as an alternative to Internet Explorer. I have found that it'll post my Blogger photos lickety-split, then I can save as a draft and go back to IE to put in verbiage. Works for me!

Thanks for popping in, folks. You helped re-make my day.


Mindy said...

That is so sad! It is always good to have family to help cheer you up.

Mandella said...

Poor little bird. And thanks for the reflective post. Off to be grateful for everything I've got now.

KnitYoga said...

How sad about the little bird. Yes, I think we often forget all the seemingly little yet extremely important things and people that make life worth living. So glad you have such a happy loving family and that bird bath is lovely!