Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hiya kids!

Long time, no type. Been busy of late with this and that. Tried to put together a post last weekend and the machine ate it. I'm finding that I can post the photos quite easily using Opera, saving as a draft, and then hopping over to IE for adding the verbage. It's a bit slower than doing it all at once, but hey, I'm not spending any cash!

For those of you eager to know, my softball team is 4-1. We have two more games before the playoffs. I played catcher last Sunday and actually got a runner out at home! Woot!

Here is my latest round of crafty stuff:

A Mason-Dixon cotton bib for a sweet new baby.

More Mason-Dixon goodness in the form of the felted boxes--
these will be auctioned off at my girlie's school Halloween Carnival.

Here they are nested.

My Recycle Pincushion Challenge entry and
it's inspiration.

Not my doing, but funny nonetheless.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and is readying for Halloween! I have finished my square for Grandma Purl's blanket and am off to block it. I shamelessly utilized the lovely pattern from La Harlot's scarf (see 10/12/06 post) (sorry, not sure how to permalink), and with the green yarn I used, it bears an awfully strong resemblance to this! Perfect for a square from Arizona, methinks. Will post it apres blocking.

I think this (see 06/06/06 post) will be next on my scarf list.....

I have my Pincushion Challenge swap-partner's info and am planning out her pincushion as we speak. I haven't yet introduced myself to her, but I think I will do that sometime this week. She's in the Netherlands and has 3 English Springer Spaniels! This was meant to be!

I'll blabber more at you all later.


Martina said...

Love the nesting boxes! Cool auction item!

sooz said...

The felted boxes are excellent! Are they knit as 5 panels and then sewn together and then felted?

Barb said...

Oh my gosh, I love absolutely everything in this post! Amazing loveliness. Could have been three posts though. Maybe then you'd post more regularly (if the posts were shorter)???
What's Opera?

Carrie K said...

Slithering something? Pretty! And cute boxes and bib.