Saturday, March 11, 2006

rainy day

It took over 140 days to get here, but now it's been raining since 1:00 AM. Yay! It's cold, too, which means some snow up north. We may head up next weekend if it sticks. Perfect staying in and knitting weather, so I'll go get to it.


Liz y Brian said...

Congratululations on the storm system. We have dragon flies like yours and the twin of your Korean swimming fish bell. That makes me happy (I mistyped that as 'That makes me hoppy', which it does too). So happy in fact that I am ululating on this side of the Mississippi (Now odd thing to say....), but I mean it. Yayayayayayayaay!

K.T. said...

Yay! Rain! I bet people went nuts with the driving. When we lived in Seattle there were more car accidents when the sun was out than when it was raining. We would blink our eyes like little moles in the bright light and ask:"What IS that?" Oh right, the sun!

Blueridgegirl said...

Rain. We need rain too- probably not as much as y'all, but dang, I'm ready to sow grass and plant plants here at the new house and I'm worrying about dryness and frost. And the lack of humidity is doing something wonky to my hair. *sigh*

So knitting? Maybe that's what I can do to change the weather. Knit. Knit. Knit.

Or go wash my car.

Hope you are well!