Saturday, January 14, 2006

Where have I been?

Basically, I've been tending to life away from the computer. Sorry, I don't know what came over me.

In a nutshell; Seth is almost completely over the plague and the business he began as of 01/01/06 is beginning to get up and go; Marion is also off the injury report and zooming through school, rollerblading, and preparing to start softball next weekend. My in-laws just had their 52nd anniversary, my parents are looking at and not-buying a house in Tucson, and my brother gets the award for smartest Christmas gifts (all the BEST gift certificates! Thanks Bubba!).

Your humble narrator is wishing she had more time for crafty pursuits. I have Tim's ties that I'd like to make a quilt from. I have ideas for some wire jewelry that I think would work. There is a lot in the back yard which requires tending. Oh, on that note, never leave a pan of birdseed down low enough for your Welsh Springer Spaniel to find it. Otherwise, you get a backyard full of what look like Nestle $100,000 bars. Eeew.

I do, however, have the delightful FO photos of the Frog Bag, This is a free pattern from Arlene Williams from this site. Go and knit it. It was actually very simple. I did it with two strands of yarn held together--a really neat, old greeny wool blend that a friend found at a garage sale. I'll post a photo of the ball band later.

We got a new camera! It;s a Sanyo Xacti DSC-E6. The instruction book is in Chinese, but with the pictures and a very nice review on a website we found, we're figgering it out. BIG viewscreen on the back in place of a viewfinder. It's fun.

We went to a Phoenix Roadrunners hockey game last night, and the visiting team, the Alaska Aces, beat them in a shootout at the end. It was Mullet night, and everyone got free black mullet wigs. Duh--didn't take the camera. Lots of fun, though; they're a AA league team and trying to get folks in for the game, so they have lots of fun stunts and audience participation stuff during the breaks. Marion got a t-shirt from a nice guy behind us who caught one and passed it to her.

Work is work; busy and busier. New people coming in to train, lots going on. Makes the days go more quickly. Off to do Saturday stuff.

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