Saturday, December 31, 2005

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Knitting news first: Mom likes her shawl and Fran (my MIL) wants to use the Triangle Bag as a pillow! (It did felt up in a most snugglicious way) That leaves two knitted gifts yet to be placed in their recipients hands. Hopefully that will transpire tomorrow, if Marion's fever stays down. Poor thing got all hot again last night. She's been such a healthy sprout; this years' flu bugs must be making up for lost time with her!

We spent Christmas "The Day" with my folks and brother in Yuma, eating ham and ooh-ing and aah-ing at the old ornaments which have been in storage for a long time. Several of them came home with me and will grace our trees in years to come. Yay! Seth and I zipped off to Algodones, Mexico (all of 20 minutes away from Yuma) for some shopping and lunch on Christmas Eve. Our favorite little eatery, El Pueblo Viejo, was hosting a big family party, and a 9-piece mariachi band strolled in and serenaded the whole place! They were fantastic, as was the food and the people there.

Mark and Fran returned from their Christmas cruise and we had our Christmas with them this week. Good to have them back.

I am a bit at loose ends with my knitting--the post-project slump. I really like the Arachne shrug in The Knitting Goddess, but I hate the thought of spending money for more yarn when I have lots of stuff in my stash! Mind you, I can talk myself into it, and I know my stash is like a drop in the ocean compared to some I've seen, but... then there are Jane's socks...I want to try socks...and I really love the Backyard Leaves scarf, but I don't know if my abilities are up to it, so there's Branching Out...what next? The new year will tell.

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