Sunday, December 11, 2005

All the news

Have finished one of two main Christmas knitted gifts! And the other is approaching the finish line, too. Photos soon.

Marion's been down with a dastardly bug which ate up our entire weekend and left her pretty well pasty and wan. Hoping she's ok for school tomorrow. She's been a real trouper, I must say.

I'm really enjoying poking around all the knitting/craft blogs I'm finding. It's fun to see what other people are creating and get inspired by them. Yay for artful, crafty people! Keep it up!


Mandella said...

Poor Marion! Hope she's feeling better very soon.

Tempe Yarn and Fiber said...

Congrats on finishing a holiday knitting project! I am still a little behind, myself... Thank you, as well, for the encouragement on the store!

Jane said...

I managed to watch exactly 41 minutes of Judy in Meet Me in St Louis before having to do some different displacement activity - but I did get to the trolleybus song - and sang along!