Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanks given.

Turkey day was an interesting blend of the wonderful and the surreal. Traffic was heinous both ways to Sells, and on the way back, we nearly got crushed by an 18-wheeler. Really shook me up; thank goodness Seth is such a good driver.

The celebratory part of the day was delightful. My bro-in-law did most of the cooking, and I got to sit around and knit and yack with my extended family for a lazy day. Dinner was delicious, and I made good on my promise to handle the dishes as I didn't really cook anything this year. My fingers are finally beginning to de-prune.

Work has been up and down of late, ending on a fairly pleasant note today. Hope we can continue on in this vein.

Enjoyable outing by myself to my favorite bookstore last night; found the exact books I was seeking and some surprises which leapt into my arms! Also a little giftie for a girlie I know and some really sweet Christmas cards. Has anyone else noticed just how difficult it is to find cards that actually go out on a non-PC limb and say "Merry Christmas"? It's getting tougher all the time! I am a non-churchgoing person with very spiritual beliefs, but I think that we really needn't water down EVERY holiday greeting.

I have been promised the opportunity to take cast photos of the sock puppet show performers tomorrow night. We really had fun with them; I had a blast watching Seth polish and re-do the set until it met his very exacting specifications. The kids who attended really enjoyed it, and I think Marion got a kick out of performing, too. More details when photos are up.

Until then, make due with the updated Triangle Bag shots and the e-bay yarn shawl, both of which are giving me lots of pleasure. Hope everyone knitting for the holidays remembers to take a breath now and again and head over to Kiki's blog to remember rules and regulations for gift-knitting. Thanks for the reminders, Kiki!

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