Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's still too hot here.

I frogged the entire tank top I was trying to make for my girlie. My husband innocently queried if it wasn't a tad large for a sprout of a child not yet eight, and I cheerfully pshaw-ed at him and kept circling round and round, pleased with the texture of the Cottonease in it's Popsicle blueness.

Alas, he was right. I could have kept on and tried making it into a top for me (I am a bit stockier than Miss M), but I was annoyed, and frogging seemed the right thing to do. Will try again in a smaller size, maybe on larger needles to speed things up? Hmmmm.

Anyone know of a nice substitute for Trendsetter's Dune that comes in a lively red and won't require me to cash in my IRA for 6-7 skeins? I've a nice pattern for an easy wrap I'm imagining for someone, but neither Dune nor Lion's Moonlight Mohair come in a good, vibrant RED.

In other news, Princess Caspian, are you out there? Everything OK?

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