Sunday, April 06, 2014

It might as well be Spring...

I'm wondering if y'all know Emily? She's the bees knees. She's the official Dishcloth Diva in my humble estimation. With her encouragement, I've played a few rounds of Dishrag Tag. I've also marveled at her wonderful, whimsical animal patterns, and her adorable Ellie.

She's put together a Springtime Swap, and here's what the very kind Jennifer M sent my way!

Some zingy cotton yarn, a triptych of dishcloth patterns, and treats for me and my Spot-the-dog! Thanks so much, Jennifer! You are generous and thoughtful, and I wish you good knitting!

I'm a bit slower, my swap box heads out to NC today. My girlie is off to the theatre again today for her finale as Feste. It goes without saying that she's magnificent. She has the twinkly eyes and mischievous grin (with dimples) requisite for a proud I am!

Enjoy the last bit of weekend!


Anonymous said...

So happy that you like everything! And of course I wasn't going to leave out Spot the Wonder Dog in the goodies giving. ;-)

Because I, originally, thought the swap box had to be mailed by April 1st, I put my box together lickety split and mailed it out as soon as I got Emily's email.

- Jen M. (aka WifeMomKnitter on Ravelry)

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Happy dishclothing! That looks like a cheery package to open.