Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pay attention!!!

Here's something from the backyard:

Here's something from the front yard:

Here's someone wonderful I met last night:

Do yourself a favor and go hear her speak and read ALL of her books.

I was puttering in the backyard this evening, doing a little fall garden cleanup, and as the sun was disappearing, I noticed crows overhead, playing on the wind currents as they headed for their roosts. Then, as the pink clouds drew my eyes one way, a faint honking caught my ears. I looked up and further west and saw a skein of geese wending their way south. Just lovely.

Thanks, Lyanda, for the wonderful evening and for sharing your joy in the world we share with many other beings.


Katherine said...

Are those real mushrooms - the one that is red and white looks so amazing!!!

kt said...

They are indeed real! We were just as gobsmacked by their celebrity appearance.