Friday, January 20, 2012

here we are in January

My, my, my, past the mid-month already. I know how much I enjoy finding posts on the blogs I read, so I am "effort-ing" (as heard on a local newscast this AM-cripes!) to de-hibernate and post a bit more often. No promises, but I'll give it a go.

Winter photos above; we got treated to a hearty winter storm last week and it's just now melting. I scored BIG with a friend's de-stashing sale, Spot waiting patiently for Santa, some bowls I lurve that were waiting for me at an op-shop, and a few of the enormous murder of crows that blanketed the back yard for some food tossed out yesterday. (It was cool--nearly Hitchcock-ian at times!)

Barb over at Woof Nanny posted a great end-of-year list, and I want to hitch my wagon to her star and note a few things that have made me happy.

*Glad that despite some bumps, my family has remained well and strong. I love my Yuma boyze, the southern AZ crews, and the Kirkland dears.

*The perseverance of Spot.

*The return of the knitting bug. I've cranked out some shawls, a couple of hats, and a sonic screwdriver.

*Birds, birds, birds. Herons and bald eagles in the Arboretum, bushtits and juncoes and towhees in my yard, hawks on the light poles, and the ever-present crows.

*Bunnies seen on my frosty morning walks to the bus.

*M's hard work to keep excelling in school while still finding time to enjoy herself. Seeing her shine onstage in "Oliver!". Her wonderful phalanx of girl buddies. The lovely sound of the piano drifting out of her room. Her gentle insistence that I pull the concertina out and work at it. (Can't believe the bellows are still good!)

*A wonderful Thanksgiving made up of friends from both nearby and faraway and some killer baby back ribs. (Len and M kicking *ss on Beatle's Rock Band--Len yelling at the program when it failed him repeatedly for drumming as he actually does and not following the program--hysterical, I tell you!)

*Travel. The amazing Northern European cruise, subsequent week in the UK (love you, Della!) and several delightful runs to Vancouver (I've never before been in a motel where the wild party next door ended with the police coming and ushering the revelers out! Peeking through the curtains and thanking the nice Canadian cops afterwards--hee-hee!).

*Having a job that allows me to work with friends AND pays me on a regular basis. Lucky, I tell you.

*The continued delight of finding what I want/need/never expected on the interwebs. Patterns, projects, photos that make me grin, books I want to read, songs that I'd never heard, blogs I want to learn from, and inspiration to make me want to continue to create things.

Let's all have a terrific 2012, eh?


Francis Kessy said...

Happy new year!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Happy new year and yay for the return of the kniitng bug and the concertina!