Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sneak peek

I'm told that the designer has created for many famous names......

I'm hoping for something in this vein

Not so much these.

Or perhaps we could try this

But let's not go here.

Here's the frame.

Oh-so cool, yet sadly, black just isn't me.

Are you ready for the colour?


I'm ready.
They're not.
Maybe in October.

They'll be worth it, but I again quote Tom Petty:


Liz said...

Happy glasses! Exuberant glasses! It's easy to make the analogy that glasses, like noses, are the prow of your ship: the part of you that gets to your future first in sun and storm. Sometimes albatrosses. I'm laughing thinking of bare-breasted bowsprits plying the waves. Coming from the other direction, they are what you bring first to others. What a relief out there on the sea.

Suse said...

I had exuberant glasses similar to that some years ago (you can see them in some of my self portraits in the first month or two of my blog archives). I loved them. My husband called them my fruit salad glasses.

I chose new red! frames a week ago as I've entered the world of multifocals. Feeling very brave.