Saturday, September 19, 2009

"..sometimes, you get what you need..."

Ever since I started crafting, I gazed in admiration at the walls of cool stuff others had in their work areas. Mind you, I loved using my kitchen table, but it wasn't MY space ( and I know that you know what I mean.)

Well, my dear redhead has disassembled a corner desk that we had and made a long, "L" shaped desk that we can both use. He has the bottom of the "L" and I have the long area. I'm still sorting my craft boxes (read "crap" boxes in DH-speak), and I have pared down, but I'm getting to the home stretch. I had a few dollaroons left on a Michael's card, and I splurged on some cork wall squares for my wall.

More photos to come in better light showing how they look with some of the beginning stuff in place!


Liz said...

"Ah eets loofly, mayt!" as any Liverpudlian would say. So would Virginia Woolfe, but in a different accent.
Do you know a poem by ... maybe April Bernard that talks about "what would happen if something happened and suddenly only good things and choices were made, teeter-totters would come to a peaceful agreement...(I could probably google this rather than strangling you with it) But but but what she says is:
"And "why not" would replace all other dicta."

Liz said...

I'm reading my last comment and thinking how disjointed it is, like a radio going in and out. What I meant by V. Woolf is I'm happy about the dollaroons and Michael's and handy red-heads to roust out a room of one's own. The second missing link: You know, your blog is called, "Why Not?" I'm wondering now whether you knew this Bernard poem all along.