Monday, June 29, 2009

Well, I'm peeking out from behind boxes to see if anyone's still there.


We are making the final push tomorrow; heading back to old rental house to clean and tidy so that we can get all of our $$$$$ back. Then we can really start settling into new casita. It is a true casita, tiny and very sweet. The backyard is still uber-dreamy to me.

We've even had our first houseguest, sorta-kinda. He visited from the sun-baked desert-lands, and though he slept at Seth's folks' place, we had lots of fun showing him the town while he was here. Hoping he'll be back soon on a more permanent basis.

Work is busybusybusy, and the best boss in the world gave me tomorrow off for the big cleaning. Whatta doll.

Hope all is well in your corner, whoever is still reading this.

Crafting will resume once I have a flat surface to work on.

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