Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's up?

Last Thursday, I volunteered as a chaperone for an overnight zoo trip with about 42 6th graders. Very cool. We entered the zoo as they closed for the night, and did some behind the scenes tours. Between the girls texting late into the night and the boys ostensible water-fountain trips (actual reconnaissance missions to check out the girls), not much sleep was had. One of the teachers and I got fed up around 1 AM and wandered over to the boys area and just LOOKED at them. She whispered to me, "You know, if these kids were smart, they could be meeting up in the bathrooms". I like her. More tours in the early AM before general opening. We had great folks leading the tours, and I got the marshmallow group to chaperone--they were fabulous kids.

I have proof that my husband actually does listen to me at times; he found our new house! It was a brand-new listing, we were the first people to see it, and it's terrific. Smaller than where we are, but with a back yard that reminds me of every lovely park I've ever seen. It's ginormous, and the house is very, very welcoming and cozy. So happy.

shadows and a bit of my new red front door

new backyard

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Anonymous said...

The zoo trip rocked!!!! except for girls texting... I WANNA GO ON IT NEXT YEAR, WAAH!