Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quirky with a side of boring and a smattering of unremarkable.

Tagged by Judith (friend of Mandella and thereby friend of mine), I relate unto you these 6 trivial and unimportant tidbits about your humble narrator. Going to add photos just for fun.

1. When I get off the bus to walk up the hill to work, after crossing the street I always step up onto the sidewalk between the fire hydrant and the traffic light pole.

2. I was the world's pickiest eater as a child. I'm a bit better now. A bit.

3. It's been brewing for some time now, but after watching the premiere of Top Gear's Season 12 and watching far too many You Tube clips, I've finally realized that I have a terrific crush on James May.

4. I find macadamia nuts to be a waste of time .

5. I am extremely myopic, a perfect candidate for refractive surgery, and after 20+ years in ophthalmology, you couldn't pay me to have it done.

6. On many occasions throughout my life, I have gotten so excited about traveling that I have literally made myself sick.

I know that this one has made the rounds, so I will break the rule and not tag forward, but if anyone is interested in playing along, please do! Thanks, Judith!


Judith said...

Great fun! Thanks for playing along. I love the pix with it all!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi KT,

I love the pictures thing.

Everybody is better at this then I am. Mine was truly boring.

I'm glad I tagged Judith so that she tagged you.

Nice list.

Sincerely, Euphoria

Anonymous said...

How well I remember those quirks! But that's what helps to make you what you are.... my baaaby. I think you will know who made this comment.

Mandella said...

You can have James May as long as I can have Richard Hammond.

kt said...

Della, it's a deal. Where shall we double-date? You can zoom ahead with the Hamster on the back of your bike and Captain Slow and I shall follow along, dodderingly, behind you.....