Saturday, December 20, 2008

Miss M and I made these on Thursday night.
A wonderful find via Eurolush (totally cool blog) to Domesticali (also cool blog) for the idea and directions. (leave me a note if the links don't work--the weather seems to be making the internets unhappy right about now and you really should visit those blogs if you haven't.)

Today, the redhead and I rescued this from the backyard. That's a ring of ice around the base. It's thawing in the garage now.

Here's what the wreaths look like at night.

More Christmas preparations are ongoing. Nana's meat grinder was unearthed in a box today--now we can grind pecans properly for little nut balls! Yay!

It's snowing again and very windy. With any luck, I'll be unable to get to work for a few days this coming week.....

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