Saturday, November 08, 2008


For Halloween, I was the rainforest. That, or a transplanted Arizonan showing evidence of 10 months of Seattle weather. I had "moss" on my north side and wore my loverly beret . (Moss photo another time)

The recipe was Lion Brand's felted beret. (found via this terrific site--you may or may not have to register with Lion Brand for their patterns--it's kind of goofy).Turned out pretty well, needed two rounds in the washer to felt, and I think my noggin is small (according to my redhead, it is), so it was a little loose, but I like it. Of course, the girlie looks smashing in it.

I'm quite well-pleased with my snail. Happiest (read: shortest) I-cord I've ever done, and no ends to weave! Instant antennae!

And speaking of little crawly things..........

Funny, here's this chappie doing an impromptu palm-reading for Miss M, and way across the globe, suse has snapped his cousin...
Working on the next baby kimono; this time in the prescribed dishcloth cotton. Pictures will follow, but I have to go work on it now!


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Great costume and hat (and snail). nice to be hearing from you again kt!

Emily said...

Dare I ask: which side is your North side?

Awesome snail.

Suse said...

I gasped when I saw the photo, and then I read your text. Yes, SNAP! Great blogminds etc.

I adore that beret. Seriously.