Saturday, May 10, 2008

See? I told you I was still knitting!

Ok, here is a little taste of knitting that I've been promising. The chapeau is made from the fabulous wild carrot-dyed Churro yarn I've been hoarding for the last year and a half. I'm going to go back and add more to the brim as I think it fits beautifully, but it makes my head look tinier than it is. There will also be a little something added to the top i-cord......

This is a giant cotton potholder/trivet/hotpad/placemat I made for a co-worker who has just scored a cool apartment in a neat area of Seattle. She goes all out for the fun and funky, so I combined three cottons; two blue and one variegated pink speckledy one. It's just a garter-stitch started from the corner, slipping the first stitch of each row for the border and adding a stitch each row till I got to 50, then k2tog each row. It came out larger than originally planned, but I think it's more multi-purpose this way.

My folks were in town recently; we picked them up in Vancouver and had some fun there (my dad ate fish! And lived to tell the tale!!!!), then brought them to WA. Mom had never been here before, and I think she likes the green as much as I do. I have some Canada pics in flickr. It was a short visit, but we had fun.

While they were here, my folks also showed me a great video. I'm going to try to get YouTube to embed it for me tomorrow, and if it won't cooperate, I'll give you the link.

Anyhow, see ya tomorrow!

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