Thursday, June 08, 2006


No photos today, but here are 9 things that have happened since my last post:

  • Found my summons for jury duty which is coming up later this month.

  • Gave the dog half of his summer haircut. It's amazing how much hair spaniels produce, and since I'm just using scissors, I've only had time to trim his front legs and part of his chest.

  • Have finished and halfway seamed the first Dulaan sweater, finished and not yet seamed the second Dulaan sweater, and finished another Cloud Hat for the Dulaan box. I did up the top while waiting for Marion at ballet yesterday, and was helped by an eager young lad of 2 or 3 whose mom kept inexplicably apologizing for his interest in what I was doing. Heck, we had a great time; I dunno what she was so wigged out about.

  • Seen my father-in-law (inadvertently) shower my mother-in-law with windshield wiper fluid as she and I stood chatting beside the car. He was in the car already and obviously didn't realize how poorly the fluid jets are aimed. (hee-hee)

  • Participated in my 4th co-rec softball game. We've won 3 of 4--Go BlackSox!

  • Came home from work early last week Thursday utterly exhausted and somewhat dizzy. Fell into bed and neglected to get up again until Saturday. Felt much better then.

  • Gotten myself invited to a sleepover at the Desert Botanical Garden tomorrow night with the childie. It's the culmination of her first week of camp, and we are both very excited about it despite the warm weather.

  • Arrived at work yesterday to see a huddled lump of feathers in the parking lot. Immediately started the "please don't be dead" mantra, and after parking, walked over to find a very stunned-looking young dove. It was so dazed it let me pick it up, and I kept it in a box with a warm water bottle until I could take it to a volunteer rescuer's house at lunchtime. Thanks for not being dead, little one. Thanks East Valley Wildlife!

Ballet recital Saturday. Expect plotz-inducing photo next week. Maybe some documentation of the Dulaan goodies a'fore they head up to Flagstaff. Have a delightful weekend, please.


Emily said...

Why you gotta go and show me MORE knitblogs to book mark? I can barely keep up with the ones I have now! There are just too many cool people in blogland.

Martina said...

Ya like emily said!! Have fun sleeping in the botanical gardens!! How cool is that? We need to have pics and patter.