Friday, July 01, 2005

Mad dogs and Englishmen....

I was trying to tidy up in the kitchen yesterday when I heard a "peep" that sounded distinctly young. Peering out the kitchen window, I saw a small finch perched on the handles of my garden loppers, obviously taking advntage of the fact that we keep an evaporative cooler going during the day out along the back of the house on the patio.

It was cheeping and preening, and fluffing itself in the somewhat cool breeze. It was joined by another finch, and the two companionably sat, singing and chatting about how clever they were to have discovered this fabulous mystery cooling system.

We originally started leaving the cooler running for the dog. My husband says Spot is a bit daft, and when I saw that two tiny birds had figured out what Spot has been missing for three years, I will say it makes me wonder.

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